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Executive Summary

The Pearl Prospect
Inland, Texas

(Investment opportunities open to qualified investors. 
See Financial Suitability Standards and Questionnaire forms located at bottom of Taxes / Fin. Suitability page.)

The Pearl Prospect targets world-class reserves. 700 Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE) are possible with comparison to the geologically, analogous Mars Field discovered by Shell and in water depths of 3000 feet, within the Mississippi Canyon Tract of the northern Gulf of Mexico (offshore Louisiana). By contrast, the Pearl Prospect is located onshore and is accessible at greatly reduced cost and risk.

The Pearl Prospect is a ‘complex’ of prospects where the supporting 3-D seismic data reveal at least two dozen, “bright spot” amplitude anomaly supported prospects. MPG has organized the prospects into four (4) unique “concept” categories to be tested through the drilling of four (4) obligatory, test wells. Two of the four Concepts are Exploratory Concepts and two are PUD (proven, undeveloped) Concepts. 

PUD Concept 1 will be exploited with use of unconventional drilling and completion technology applied to a series of tight sands that tested oil, gas and condensate (non-commercial) in a well drilled with conventional techniques. PUD 1 is expansive regionally, with multi-pay zone objectives per well. Its capable of delivering an excellent rate of return on the entire drilling budget of the four obligatory test wells in the unlikely event that the other 3 commitment wells were to fail.

PUD 2 focuses on in-field drilling of by-passed pays sands which were not commercial under oil prices in place when these fields were being developed (in the 1950- 1960’s) but are now very commercial. This is already being successfully pursued (on a small scale) in this area.

All four aspects of the Pearl Prospect are oil prone, as per results of comprehensive geochemical studies. The source rock of the hydrocarbons has been indisputably proven. It may be the next emerging oil shale resource.

The two unique, Exploratory Concepts will not be discussed in detail in this venue due to the highly confidential nature of this information. The participants of the test wells of the Pearl will be offered the first right of refusal to expand their participation beyond the 4 commitment wells to be drilled under the Pearl Prospect and into what may become two (2) new trend plays in Texas (onshore) exploration, where the risk of deep, exploratory drilling is substantially mitigated by PUD developmental drilling on the same acreage.

The Pearl Prospect has the potential for a very robust return on investment. MPG Petroleum, Inc. and its stellar team of geoscientists, which include the Bureau of Economic Geology’s Project STARR have vetted the Pearl Prospect to its drill ready state. Trade terms are outlined in the Pearl Prospect Geological Report and Prospectus, which will be made available to very qualified parties upon the execution of a Confidentiality/Non-Circumvent Agreement.

The Pearl Prospect represents an opportunity to discover offshore sized reserves at onshore development cost.

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