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Executive Summary

The Pearl Prospect
Onshore, Texas

(Investment opportunities open to qualified investors. 
See Financial Suitability Standards and Questionnaire forms located at bottom of Taxes / Fin. Suitability page.)

Big Upside, Managed Risk, New Trend Play Potential
Conventional and Unconventional Exploration and Exploitations

MPG's MISSION: To use area specific, in-depth geological knowledge and highly proprietary intellectual property to develop world-class reserves of oil and gas through the roll out of multiple-play, multiple-pay "complex" of exploration and exploitation prospects. MPG will apply both proven, conventional practices and advanced technologies to maximize the asset. 

Two EXPLORATION Plays + Two EXPLOITATION Plays – Four Initial Wells

  • Exploration Concept 1 – The Pearl Mini-basin Play - geologically analogous to the 700,000,000 BOE Mars Field. EC1 is likely to be repeatable. MPG has identified five (5) target structures to be developed after initial area to be drilled is proven. 880,000,000 BOE reserve potential in initial area, prior to trend play expansion.

  • Exploration Concept 2 – The Pearl Shale Resource Play- Geochemical and mineralogical analysis indicate 6,500 ft of geothermally mature, oil prone, high brittle mineral composition, homogeneous to the entire thickness of the shale.

  • PUD Concept 1 - Unconventional approach to "tight" hydrocarbon bearing sands. Horizontal drilling, sand fracture stimulation and the application of oil-based drilling and completion fluids will be implemented to bring about commercial production from known hydrocarbon bearing "tight" sands.

  • PUD Concept 2 - In-Field Drilling of By-passed Pay Sands. Abandoned oil and gas fields drilled during the '50's and '60's when oil prices were too low to generate a return from small volume wells resulted in "by-passed" pay sands. Expected flow rates of 50 - 60 BOPD, to be developed after initial drilling occurs in EC1, EC2 and PUD1.
    59 gravity oil and 1450 Btu Gas observed in PUD1 targets. Infrastructure in place, good access to pipelines, processing and refining facilities. MPG has secured strategic acreage where initial four wells will be drilled. Prior to drilling, land position will be increased to +/-15,000. Phase II involves land expansion (upon proof of concept of EC1 and/or EC2) to +/- 150,000 Acres. Early entry and large-scale mineral holdings are essential to maintain control, manage land acquisition cost and quickly realize big escalation in value of mineral holdings.

    While no one can guarantee the level of return of capital investment in a speculative arena such as oil and gas exploration, MPG has resolved the most critical challenge by intermingling PUD reserve exploitation drilling on the same land holdings where exploration drilling will take place.

    Participants in the Four (4) Test Wells will be offered a right of first refusal to Participate in the entire trend-play under the same terms of trade. The Pearl Prospect has the potential to develop regionally, creating a long-term, multi-faceted, exploration and exploitation program, as the Pearl Prospect develops into the "String of Pearls".

    The Pearl Prospect has the potential to result in world-class oil and gas reserves and generate a robust return on investment. $ 35 billion USD Gross projected using $40 oil. This applies to the initial area to be drilled and developed, before the Pearl Prospect is expanded along trend. MPG has identified 5 Pearl-like features to date and anticipates more will be found.

    Global implications may apply.

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    Margaret P. Graham, President MPG Petroleum, Inc.
    Ph: 1 210 822 7770

    MPG Petroleum, Inc.
    Energy Plaza Building 8620 N. New Braunfels,
    Suite 411 San Antonio, Texas 78217 “Fueling the Future”

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