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Saltwater Disposal – Brunks Commercial Facility



This commercial SWD project is located in the southeast corner of the intersection of FM 136 and County Road 102, San Patricio, Co., Texas. These are paved roads maintained by the County, providing for excellent, immediate access in a high traffic, oil and gas operations corridor. Double redundancy provided by two wells located side by side is obvious, limiting downtime for 24/7 operations and service. 


MPG Petroleum, Inc. filed for and obtained Texas Railroad Commission - Commercial Saltwater Disposal Permits (Nos. 10510 and 12150) for its No. 1-D Brunks (API No. 42-409-32400) and its No. 1 Brunks (API No. 42-409-32485) wells, respectively.

The No. 1-D Brunks
: injection volume 1000 barrels per day, injection interval  1832-1938 feet, and maximum operating surface injection pressure 458 psi.

The No. 1 Brunks:
injection volume 5000 barrels per day, injection interval is 7700 – 8060 feet, and maximum operating surface injection pressure 4250 psi.

Amendment of the commercial permits to obtain additional volume, change depths and/or increase injection interval and injection pressure is possible. 


MPG Petroleum, Inc. entered an agreement with the surface and mineral owner of the Brunks property on September 1, 2012 which provides for a disposal fee to the landowner of $.05 per barrel, Ten (10 acres) surface usage, and the right to drill additional wells for replacement or to increase the number of SWD wells on the property. Additionally, the 10 acres could be useful to conduct other business services such as truck washouts, and the sale of brine and/or KCL water to off loading vacuum trucks.  


The owner of the largest, saltwater hauling truck company in the area has indicated that when the facility becomes operational, it could contribute 14 to 16 loads per day, representing about half of the permitted injection capacity.

South of the property, traveling on Fm 136 towards Gregory/Portland about 8 miles away, many wells exist in the Midway, Portland and White Point Fields, requiring saltwater disposal services. North and East of the Brunks property, the Bayside, Aransas Pass, Rockport areas contain many oil and gas wells which could be a source of business. The closest SWD facility to the Brunks property is located on FM 188, and it has been down for over a year with the owner reporting that when it is restored to operation, it will accept water only from wells located on their property, which will be piped directly to it. The next closest SWD facility to the West is near Taft, approximately 15 miles away. It accepts water trucked by their own limited fleet of haul trucks.

MPG will offer disposal services to all saltwater hauling firms in the area, with stringent monitoring of the delivered fluids, to reduce downtime and maintenance of its wells. MPG intends to secure as much business as possible, by seeking exclusive contracts with the largest oil and gas operators in the area.


MPG offers joint venture participation in the Brunks Commercial SWD to qualified participants, alternatively, it entertain an offer of outright purchase. Should you have interest in obtaining more information to consider participation, please contact:

Margaret P. Graham, President, MPG Petroleum, Inc., or by phone at 210-822-7770


The Pearl Prospect, Inland Texas

The Pearl Prospect targets world-class reserves. 700 Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE) are possible with comparison to the geologically, analogous Mars Field discovered by Shell and in water depths of 3000 feet, within the Mississippi Canyon Tract of the northern Gulf of Mexico (offshore Louisiana). By contrast, the Pearl Prospect is located onshore and is accessible at greatly reduced cost and risk.

The Pearl Prospect is a ‘complex’ of prospects where the supporting 3-D seismic data reveal at least two dozen, “bright spot” amplitude anomaly supported prospects. MPG has organized the prospects into four (4) unique “concept” categories to be tested through the drilling of four (4) obligatory, test wells. Two of the four Concepts are Exploratory Concepts and two are PUD (proven, undeveloped) Concepts. 

PUD Concept 1 will be exploited with use of unconventional drilling and completion technology applied to a series of tight sands that tested oil, gas and condensate (non-commercial) in a well drilled with conventional techniques. PUD 1 is expansive regionally, with multi-pay zone objectives per well. Its capable of delivering an excellent rate of return on the entire drilling budget of the four obligatory test wells in the unlikely event that the other 3 commitment wells were to fail.

PUD 2 focuses on in-field drilling of by-passed pays sands which were not commercial under oil prices in place when these fields were being developed (in the 1950- 1960’s) but are now very commercial. This is already being successfully pursued (on a small scale) in this area.

All four aspects of the Pearl Prospect are oil prone, as per results of comprehensive geochemical studies. The source rock of the hydrocarbons has been indisputably proven. It may be the next emerging oil shale resource.

The two unique, Exploratory Concepts will not be discussed in detail in this venue due to the highly confidential nature of this information. The participants of the test wells of the Pearl will be offered the first right of refusal to expand their participation beyond the 4 commitment wells to be drilled under the Pearl Prospect and into what may become two (2) new trend plays in Texas (onshore) exploration, where the risk of deep, exploratory drilling is substantially mitigated by PUD developmental drilling on the same acreage.

The Pearl Prospect has the potential for a very robust return on investment. MPG Petroleum, Inc. and its stellar team of geoscientists, which include the Bureau of Economic Geology’s Project STARR have vetted the Pearl Prospect to its drill ready state. Trade terms are outlined in the Pearl Prospect Geological Report and Prospectus, which will be made available to very qualified parties upon the execution of a Confidentiality/Non-Circumvent Agreement.

The Pearl Prospect represents an opportunity to discover offshore sized reserves at onshore development cost.

Margaret P. Graham, President MPG Petroleum, Inc.
Ph: 1 210 822 7770 Fax: + 1 210 822 8988

MPG Petroleum, Inc.
Energy Plaza Building 8620 N. New Braunfels,
Suite 411 San Antonio, Texas 78217 “Fueling the Future”


San Antonio Rose Land Bank

MPG Petroleum, Inc. has uncovered the possibility of a new oil shale resource play, entirely unknown to the industry. Recent geochemical tests of drill cutting samples indicate a mature source within the oil window. Continued evaluation of the shale formation is currently being assessed through geochemical tests on drill cutting samples from wells pre-existing the knowledge that shale formations are capable of production, however, the drilling of a new well into this potentially oil productive shale formation will be necessary to prove it. 

Early entrance and a large acreage position is absolutely necessary, as competition for drilling rights will cause land cost (and value) to escalate very rapidly once the test well is confirmed. MPG Petroleum, Inc. is developing a Land Bank to support the acquisition of a substantial land position, where Land Bank participants will earn an overriding royalty interest under the oil and gas leases acquired, in addition to other valuable benefits.

Specific details regarding the Land Bank and the associated prospect opportunities will be presented to qualified investors only, upon the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement. This will help insure that MPG and its San Antonio Rose Land Bank participants will take the lead role in what might be the next big oil shale play in south Texas, which may rival the Eagle Ford Shale.

Thank you for your time spent in review of the San Antonio Rose Land Bank. Please feel free to contact me directly, should you have interest in learning more about this opportunity.

Margaret P. Graham, President MPG Petroleum, Inc.
Ph: 1 210 822 7770 Fax: + 1 210 822 8988

MPG Petroleum, Inc.
Energy Plaza Building 8620 N. New Braunfels,
Suite 411 San Antonio, Texas 78217 “Fueling the Future”

ATTENTION: Eagle Ford Mineral Interest Owners

Growing and Protecting Your Oil and Gas Income

Congratulations on the Eagle Ford Shale production found on your land. More than likely, the production income has changed your financial outlook and your tax liability is tremendous. If you are concerned about protecting and growing your income, please read on!  

The portion of your production money that is earmarked for taxes can be invested in drilling projects to shelter your tax liability while creating additional oil and gas income. That’s a win-win situation! Being part of a new field discovery is the goal, but whatever the result is, your investment in oil and gas well drilling offsets your tax liability very significantly. This is the best kept secret in the business!

U.S. tax law provides that 100% of the money invested in drilling is deductible. Specifically, the Intangible Drilling and Completion cost is 100% deductible in the year it is incurred, while the Tangible Drilling and Completion cost is amortized and depreciated.

Intangible Drilling and Completion Cost generally represent 60-85% of the investment, while Tangible Cost make up the balance. In addition, the Small Producer’s Depletion Allowance provides for (at least) 15% of the income generated from production income to be written off annually, so you pay taxes on only 85% of your production income.

Bottom line is, the cost to invest in drilling to obtain oil and gas is 100% recoverable through tax write offs. This tax treatment was established to encourage drilling in the U.S. The tax treatment substantially offsets the risk of drilling, and shelters the money which would have otherwise been paid to Uncle Sam! We all know how much of that money is wasted!

Independent producers find a majority of new oil and gas field discoveries (including the Eagle Ford Shale, by the way). They are to the oil and gas industry what you ranchers and farmers are to the food industry. We have a lot in common when you think about it- we take a lot of risk and work very hard to provide the energy and food and that our country needs. We keep the Texas economy strong! .

Contact us directly, should you have an interest in learning more about the oil and gas drilling opportunities and other projects MPG has for you to consider. Thank you for the time spent in review!

Margaret P. Graham, President MPG Petroleum, Inc.
Ph: 1 210 822 7770 Fax: + 1 210 822 8988

MPG Petroleum, Inc.
Energy Plaza Building 8620 N. New Braunfels,
Suite 411 San Antonio, Texas 78217 "Fueling the Future"

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