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Executive Summary

San Antonio Rose Land Bank

MPG Petroleum, Inc. has uncovered the possibility of a new oil shale resource play, entirely unknown to the industry. Recent geochemical tests of drill cutting samples indicate a mature source within the oil window. Continued evaluation of the shale formation is currently being assessed through geochemical tests on drill cutting samples from wells pre-existing the knowledge that shale formations are capable of production, however, the drilling of a new well into this potentially oil productive shale formation will be necessary to prove it. 

Early entrance and a large acreage position is absolutely necessary, as competition for drilling rights will cause land cost (and value) to escalate very rapidly once the test well is confirmed. MPG Petroleum, Inc. is developing a Land Bank to support the acquisition of a substantial land position, where Land Bank participants will earn an overriding royalty interest under the oil and gas leases acquired, in addition to other valuable benefits.

Specific details regarding the Land Bank and the associated prospect opportunities will be presented to qualified investors only, upon the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement. This will help insure that MPG and its San Antonio Rose Land Bank participants will take the lead role in what might be the next big oil shale play in south Texas, which may rival the Eagle Ford Shale.

Thank you for your time spent in review of the San Antonio Rose Land Bank. Please feel free to contact me directly, should you have interest in learning more about this opportunity.

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