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American Oil Independence

Don’t let the oil market falling below $ 100 per barrel this week fool you!

The increased volatility in financial and commodity markets has led to a sharp rise in the level of risk held by traders. In response, a close out of some positions has occurred to lower risk.

Nothing has changed fundamentally.

We are still facing a tightening of crude supply which can only be addressed by more drilling, preferably on US soil where it happens with the least environmental impact and where business trades occur under the rule of law.

American oil on American Soil. The clean, abundant, reliable and dense Btu energy source!

Come be part of securing
America’s Energy Independence once again.

1 thought on “American Oil Independence”

  1. This is the direction our nation needs to go in. When we have the oil reserves just waiting to be tapped. It is absolute lunacy to not drill now, and drill yesterday. Heck yesterday is not soon enough.

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