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Dr. Gregory Frebourg

Dr. Gregory Frébourg is a carbonate/ clastic sedimentolo gist with a strong field experience. He spent his whole academic curriculum at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He achieved his Master of Science in Geology in 2006, focusing on the sedimentology of a deep elastic system of the North Alpine Foreland Basin. He obtained his Ph.D. cum laude in carbonate sedimentology in May 2010, proving that ancient eolian carbonate deposits can be potential hydrocarbon reservoirs. While working on his Ph D Dr. Frébourg was hired as an intern for 13 months at the Scientific Research Center of TOTAL S.A to work on the reappraisal of an oil field in Qatar (Jurassic Arab D Fm.). He also performed consulting work on the Tertiary of the Cariaco Basin with Beicip – Franlab for PDVSA, Venezuela. Dr. Frébourg is working since September 2010 at the Bureau of Economic Geology, at the Jackson School of Geosciences, UT Austin. Among other, he has been conducting iimdamental and applied research in the sedimentology of gas-shale systems (namely Haynesville / Bossier and Eagle Ford Fonnations) under the Supervision of William (Bill) Ambrose for the S.T.A.R.R. project (State of Texas Advance Resource Recovery) and Stephen (Steve) Ruppel for M.S.R.L. (Mudrock System Research Laboratory. Dr. Frébourg can be reached at, phone: +1 512 471 0338, address: Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, University Station, Box X, Austin, TX, 78713 8924.


• Published papers:
Frébourg Gregory, Hasler Claude-Alain and Davaud Eric, 2012, Uplifted marine terraces of the Akamas Peninsula (Cyprus): evidence of climatic conditions in Late Quaternary highstands”. Sedimentology, 59, 1409-1425.

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Frébourg Gregory, Davaud Eric, Virgone Aurélien, Gaillot Jérémie and Kamali Mohammad, 2010, Discovery of an eolianite in the Upper Dalan Member, South Pars field, Iran, Journal of Petroleum Geology, 33, 141-154.

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• Submitted papers:

Frébourg, Gregory and Ruppel, Stephen C., Sedimentary insights of the Late Kimmeridgian Haynesville and Tithonian Bossier Formations on the eastern slope of the Gilmer Platform, Texas, USA. ln: Ursula Hammes and Julia Gale (Ed.). AAPG Special pub.