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MPG Petroleum, Inc.

MPG Petroleum, Inc. is a privately held, wholly owned Texas Corporation, formed in 1985. We are engaged in the upstream sector of the Oil and Gas Industry and generate exploration and development projects in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Joint Venture Participation is offered to Qualified Individual Investors to provide strong upside growth opportunity and pass through the tax credits for intangible drilling and completion expense, which comprise a vast majority of the investment.

"My secret to success? Rise early, work hard, strike oil!"
 ‐ J. Paul Getty

"Strike oil in volumes so large,that the price of oil is inconsequential!"
 ‐ Margaret P. Graham

Message from the President, MPG Petroleum, Inc:

Daily we hear the news of the down turned oil market and its demise.

The current down cycle in the oil market is a result of a shock to demand created by the COVID19 shut down of the US economy.

This, in combination with the oil price war started in early March between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

These two situations occurring simultaneously has sent oil prices to the bottom of the barrel!

But what goes down, must come up and MPG is poised with a tremendous opportunity so potentially robust that it is insulated from oil price fluctuations.

MPG is sharing this world class oil and gas project with those that have the vision and resources to become involved.

Even in this market, we are finding solid partners for this project. People just like you, reading this message right now!

To bring the US economy and Investor's financial health back, MPG decided to make this highly lucrative opportunity accessible to most.

We have managed to do this by deconstructing a very large-scale project in such a manner that the entry cost is now only 10% of the original budget.

Taking the bull by the horns ‐ The Matador Prospect.

Together, lets emerge on the other side far better off than we were before.

There is a distinct advantage gained by walking towards opportunity while others are running away.

Reduced drilling cost and minerals acquired at pre-discovery cost allow those who are involved early to benefit tremendously.

This project is repeatable and scalable for long term profitability.

We are currently in funding so the window of opportunity is before you now, but we cannot guarantee it will be open for long.

The time to strike is now!

I personally welcome your call or email inquiry!

Very respectfully,

Margaret P. Graham,


MPG Petroleum, Inc.

U.S. Callers: 1-210-822-7770

International Callers: 011-210-822-7770

Margaret P. Graham

Margaret P. Graham President
MPG Petroleum, Inc

Interview conducted on the Jacki Daily Show.


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MPG Petroleum, Inc. logo, a oil and gas investment company

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