MPG Petroleum, Inc

Image of Drilling Rig at sunset
Energy derived from Fossil Fuels IS NOT in the sunset but will continue to be our primary source, along with minor (and expensive) contributions from green renewables.

MPG Petroleum, Inc.

MPG Petroleum, Inc. was founded in 1985. Detailed subsurface and geophysical mapping combined with cutting edge, 3-D seismic interpretive applications and a broad knowledge base of the industry results in a sensible approach to exploration.

MPG Petroleum, Inc. endeavors to contribute to domestic oil and gas reserve development, while offering excellent financial opportunities to industry partners and qualified individual investors. Integrity, expertise and a strong work ethic characterize our staff, consultants and colleagues. Keep it turning to the right!

image of MPG Petroleum’s technical team and collaboration with University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology

Geoscience and Engineering Team